Let's Go Patriots. Fight With Me.



I Love Michigan

My name is Audra Johnson, and I am running to unseat Rep. Peter Meijer in Michigan's U.S. House District 3. 

A little over a year ago, Peter looked me in my eyes and told me he would go to Congress and uphold the Constitution. He lied. Not only did he lie to me, but he lied to YOU. During his first Act in Congress, Peter joined Nancy Pelosi and 200 Democrats and voted to impeach President Donald Trump without a proper hearing or a lawyer present. Since then, Peter has done nothing for Michigan. 

I support the Men and Women of our great Law Enforcement agencies, as well as, those who serve in our Nation's Military. 

You may know me as the "MAGA Bride" and a proud supporter of President Trump. I am the wife of a former Marine, Jeff, who proudly served two tours of duty in Iraq. He is a Patriot and loves his Country. 

I am also the mother of 4 amazing children. As incredibly blessed as I am, I have seen my share of struggles. At one time, I was a single mother. I have worked hard for everything I have. However,  I also know how it feels to be left behind. 

My sacred promise to you is that I will NOT be like Peter Meijer. I will stand for the Constitution, as it is written, even if I have to stand ALONE. I will not allow Nancy Pelosi and her gang of "Cancel Culture" liberals take what you have. I will put AMERICA and MICHIGAN FIRST!