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My Name is Audra Johnson

Two years ago, Peter Meijer, looked into my eyes and told me he would uphold The Constitution of The United States. He lied! Since then he has voted and stood with Nancy Pelosi and other House "establishment" Republicans that I call RINOS, Republican In Name Only. My goal is to defeat Peter and restore the Constitution, as it is written, God Given. I am the proud wife of a Marine Veteran and the Mother of 4 amazing children. 

Help Me Defeat Peter Meijer!



* Kent County Heartbeat Captain - Most Signatures in the entire State of Michigan.

* Founded West Michigan Patriots for Trump - After hosting the largest march for President Trump in Western Michigan.

* Helped distribute supplies and clean up Midland County when Gov. Whitmer failed to help.

* Stood on the steps of the Lansing Capital multiple times to fight tyrannical lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates and 2020 Election Fraud.

* Hosted over 20 "Back the Blue" rallies across the State of Michigan.

* Organized over a dozen 2nd Amendment marches across the United States.




Let's Get One Thing Straight, I'm...

America First!


* To this date, 8/18/2021, I am the only candidate that has actually been to the border and witnessed first hand the crisis this Biden regime has made. We need to return to the Trump Administration immigration policy NOW!

Mask & Vaccine Mandates


* I am sick and tired of Dr. Fauci making the decisions about the health of Michigan Families. The "science" has lied to us for Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden's political gain. I SAY ENOUGH! Our businesses have suffered enough, our children have suffered enough and all the while Peter Meijer has not said anything that will help us here in Michigan. 

Election Integrity

* You and I both know that our elections were stolen in 2020. Dominion Voting Systems, nor any "machine" that is able to be manipulated, should be allowed in elections in America.  Also, National Voting Day, should be 1 Day. It should not take weeks and months to find out the results of an election. No more ballet harvesting and drop boxes.  


* Congress is completely out of control with spending. Democrats and RINO Republicans our spending money that our Nation does not have. Guess who has to pay that back? You do Michigan and Peter Meijer is right there doing nothing while your income taxes go up, your gas prices go up and your bank account goes down. I will vote NO on any knew spending deals in Congress that directly effect Michigan hard working families. End of Story. I cannot be bought off by Big Pharma or Big Tech, like Peter Meijer  


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Founder, The DC Patriot

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