Audra Johnson

Michigan U.S. House District 3

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I am running to primary "Peter Meijer Pelosi" in Michigan District 3. I am a constitutional conservative who has fought for every single person in my district. I will NOT shut my mouth until the United States Congress is made up of people like We The People, who actually care about our children and the well being of this Nation. 

My Platform

The Constitution


2nd Amendment


The United States Congress has the misunderstanding that The Constitution should be re-written. I am going to Washington D.C. to tell them it should be "read and enforced as it is written".

Under President Donald J. Trump, the economy in America flourished. I intend to fight to end lockdowns. It's time to open America back up. People are losing their businesses, jobs, homes and I will be a voice of returning the economy to what we had before this administration. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are destroying America. I will STOP them. 

The 2nd Amendment is very important to me and the constituents of District 3. The Constitution is very clear on this matter..."It Shall Not Be Infringed". Period. End of Story. This Administration is trying to use every loop hole and edge to take that sacred right away. I will NOT comply. 

We have a crisis at the border. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are being turned loose into our communities without knowing anything about them, including their health or criminal record. Meanwhile, this Joe Biden and Kamala Harris value their safety more than ours. It Must End.